Our vision is a movement of
gospel-driven churches in
the Wilmington area that will

In search of the good life… In need of Christ and his kingdom

Wilmington, NC has a rich history and a bright future. Located in southeastern North Carolina between the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean, the Port City remains one of the fastest growing areas of the state. Wilmington offers the cultural amenities one might expect in a larger city while retaining its small-town sensibility. It has competitive sports teams, an aquarium, an art community and museum, and even a film studio that produces major motion pictures and popular television shows.

Wilmington is young. Twenty-five percent are under the age of eighteen, and thirty percent are age fifteen to thirty-four. Wilmington has attracted not only young families and young adults entering the workplace, but also students at The University of North Carolina at Wilmington, which had an enrollment of almost 13,000 in 2009. The university has garnered numerous acknowledgements, such as being ranked one of the top ten public undergraduate universities in the South by U.S. News & World Report for the twelfth year in a row.

Wilmington is diverse. Its quickly growing Hispanic and Asian communities, combined with the already significant African-American population, makes for a diverse community.

Wilmington is nice. People come to Wilmington for a variety of reasons; but most come to enjoy its beautiful surroundings, pleasant climate, Southern charm, and relaxed lifestyle. Whether they are young adults entering the workplace, families looking to raise their children, retirees in search of a new start, or tourists on vacation, most people come to Wilmington in search of the good life. Yet their greatest need is for Christ and his kingdom.

Like the rest of the nation, Wilmington is full of young people looking for life direction; parents concerned about raising their children; citizens concerned about problems in their schools, government, and community; retirees trying to make the most of their “golden years;” workers concerned about finding and keeping a job; couples struggling to make marriage work; and spiritual seekers hungry for truth.

Despite the growth in population, the growth of Christ‐centered, gospel-driven, and culture-engaging churches in Wilmington has lagged behind. Therefore, Wilmington is a strategic location for starting a new church that will change lives, bless the city, awaken a generation, and start other churches that will do the same. Our desire is that one day the peace of Christ and his kingdom will become Wilmington’s defining characteristic and its chief export.

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Wilmington, NC Quick Facts

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Qf Residents


in Wilmington, NC

 New Hanover County



56% increase in New Hanover County’s population since 1990

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Age Groups

25% < 18
50% 18 to 54


  • Finding Life Direction
  • Finding a Good Church
  • Problems in Schools
  • Finding Spiritual Teaching
  • Racial/Ethnic Prejudice